PROJECT: “Transform E-Waste into Loving-Kindness” has been initiated

Recycling materials, including e-waste, reduces the energy required for producing new products, creates new job opportunities, supports economic growth, and contributes to the increase of social welfare. The overall well-being of a community depends on the quality of the environment and all ecological elements. Taking care of animals on campus and improving their lives enhances campus welfare. In this regard, providing them with food is a beneficial practice.

In Türkiye, licensed facilities ensure the recycling of electronic waste and the recovery of valuable metals. Exitcom is a recycling company specialized in electronic waste, offering services in Germany (Hannover) and Türkiye (Kocaeli). Within the scope of the Project, e-waste collection points will be set up on the IZTECH campus for one month, and the revenue generated from the recycling process by Exitcom will be spent to purchase food for campus animals. The project aims to emphasize the importance of proper e-waste collection by involving all IZTECH members and also meet the food needs of campus animals.

This is a project organized by IZTECH Environment Society.