Information Regarding the ENV-491 and ENV-499 Courses

ENV491 Supplementary Curriculum Course

This is an Institute course designed to encourage lifelong learning, and it allows students to count the education they receive outside of the curriculum (IZTECH) during their educational careers as an elective course. To enroll in this course, it is required to prove that a total of 84 hours of education have been attended as of April 30, 2024, and to present a success certificate proving that one of these pieces of training was completed. The majority of these pieces of training are expected to be oriented toward professional/occupational life needs and/or requirements. Depending on the course instructor’s discretion, personal development training can also contribute to the required 84 hours. The discretion will be based on the criterion of establishing a connection with professional life needs and/or requirements. The training with a success certificate should not be in the personal development category. At the end of the term (in May), the students registered for the course will be expected to write a report and prepare a presentation explaining the education(s) they received and the gains they obtained oriented towards their professional life needs and/or requirements. The grading will be achieved according to those assignments.

ENV499 Cooperative Education Course

The purpose of this course is for fourth-year Environmental Engineering students to get to know workplaces related to Environmental Engineering closely. This course provides an opportunity to reinforce the knowledge and experiences gained during their study period by practicing and to increase their knowledge and observation about their undergraduate programs. To be able to take this course, students are expected to have agreed with a workplace where an Environmental Engineer is employed, received approval from the faculty member who gives the course for this workplace, and spend one full day a week at this workplace for 14 weeks. Students are expected to perform the tasks given in the execution of the jobs defined by the workplace according to the weekly plan made together with the Environmental Engineer working in the workplace within the scope of the 14-week course period. The presentation in which the students explain the work carried out in the workplace at the end of the term, along with 2 Technical reports (approved by the workplace Environmental Engineer) to be presented in the 6th and 14th week, will be the requirements for the grading.