Philosophy of Doctorate (PH.D) Program

Environmental Engineering Cirriculum of the Ph.D Program 2018-2019 Spring Term

Graduate Courses

The students who are accepted to the doctoral program with MS degree should take at least 7 credit courses to satisfy minimum a total of 21 credits. The students who are accepted to the doctoral program with undergraduate program are required to take at least 14 courses and seminar courses to provide minimum a total of 42 credits. Students must be successful in the qualifying examination, thesis proposal and dissertation preparation. PhD thesis must meet one of the attributes: science innovation, development of a new scientific method or application of a known method to a new field.

Applicants must hold an engineering undergraduate degree, such as in Environmental, Chemical, and Civil Engineering. A thesis is required for the Master of Science degree. Continuous registration is necessary for all graduate students until the thesis has been approved unless special permission from the Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences is obtained. The emphasis of the program is on Environmental Pollution and Control. Several departments at the Institute contribute to the program. The required course load is 21 credits. Core and elective courses of the program are catalogued under the contributing departments’ pages. Students are to take at least three core courses, one from each of the three groups. Remaining credit requirements may be met by taking related courses offered in other departments and other interdisciplinary graduate programs. The core courses and offering departments are as follows.

ECTS forms of the courses may be viewed on the Office of International Relations website.

Core Courses

Code Course Name  Credit Department
CHE 533 Mass Transport in Environmental Engineering  3+0 Chemical Engineering
ENV 601* Fundamentals of Environmental Technology 3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 602 Advanced Environmental Chemistry  3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 591** Technical Writing, Research Methods, and Ethics 2+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 600 Ph.D. Thesis*  0+1 Environmental Engineering
ENV 698 Seminar*  0+2 Environmental Engineering
ENV 8XX Special Studies 8+0 Environmental Engineering

 *Mandatory for graduates of other than either BSc or MSc in Environmental Engineering.

**Mandatory for students who have not successfully completed this or an equivalent course for masters degree. Students may take but not restricted to the following courses offered in the other programs as electives.

Total credit (min.) : 21 (for students with M.S. degree)

Number of credited courses (min.) : 7 (for students with M.S. degree)

Total credit (min.) : 42 (for students with B.S. degree)

Number of credited courses (min.) : 14 (for students with B.S. degree)

Elective Courses

Code Course Name  Credit Department
ENV 603 Environmental Statistics 3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 502 Environmental Biotechnology  3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 503 Sustainable Energy and Environment  3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 504 Bioenergy Technologies  3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 505 Microalgal Biotechnology  3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 506 Environmental Exposure and Risk Assessment  3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 507 Indoor Air Pollution  3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 508 Air Pollution Control I  3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 509 Air Pollution Control II  3+0 Environmental Engineering
ENV 580 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering  3+0 Environmental Engineering

In addition to ENV coded courses, elective courses are selected from related courses in other departments and other interdisciplinary graduate programs.