Department of Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering (EnvE) deals with emission of pollutants to the environmental media (air, water, and soil), their concentrations, transport and fate within and among these environmental compartments, pollutant removal and disposal, and management of these media as resources. Therefore, it studies the involving variables and their relations. The main aim is to protect health of human beings and the environment by assessing exposures and associated risks to determine mitigation needs, by developing better monitoring and sampling techniques, better treatment processes, and environmental standards.

Production and consumption are ever increasing along with human population, which results in increasing pollution. Some of the pollutants and their health effects have been thoroughly investigated. In the mean time, we have little knowledge about the remaining ones, and new pollutants emerge everyday widening the diversity of environmental problems. In the process of harmonization with the European Union, environmental regulation are getting stricter with a target date of 2024. Consequently, the environment is always placed among the top research fields. An increasing need for efforts toward environmental problems and related human resources can be predicted.

EnvE is one of the four interdisciplinary graduate programs that Izmir Institute of Technology first established. The MSc program has been in operation since 1997. A PhD program has been establihed in 2014, and accepting students starting with Spring-2015 semester. Environmental Engineering BSc program has been established and started accepting students in 2018.