Environmental Engineering Department

Since its foundation, Izmir Institute of Technology has emphasized its commitment to environmental development by including the Environmental Engineering program among its first four interdisciplinary areas. The Environmental Engineering Master’s program has been educating researchers since 1997. The Environmental Science and Engineering Doctorate program was established in 2014 and has been accepting students since the Spring-2015 term. Our Environmental Engineering undergraduate program was opened in 2018 and is accepting students.

Environmental Engineering is a branch that produces technical and scientific solutions to protect and improve the environment. Engineers in this field work on issues such as air, water, and soil pollution prevention and control, sustainable waste management, water, and wastewater treatment, the formation and implementation of environmental policies, and the development of sustainable energy solutions. Environmental Engineering relies on technical knowledge and skills to protect people’s and ecosystems’ health and improve environmental quality.


The focus is on conducting advanced research, education, teaching, production, publication, and consulting to produce innovative, sustainable, ecocentric and anthropocentric solutions to local, regional, and global environmental problems.


To be a leading department in the region having international impact, pioneering in science and technology, being unique in education, offering student-oriented learning opportunities, training qualified engineers and researchers who can produce the most appropriate solutions in terms of economic, cultural, and geographical aspects by addressing problems with a holistic approach.