Prof. Dr. Aysun SOFUOĞLU

Chemical Engineering Department

Professor Doctor

Contact Info:

  • +90 232 750 6650
  • Engineering Building – A, Room: 158
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  • PhD in Environmental Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • MSc in Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering, Istanbul TechnicalUniversity

Research Interests:

  • Ambient air pollution
  • Dry deposition
  • Hazardous Air Pollution
  • Industrial Air Pollution

Recent Publications:

  • Gungormus, E., Sofuoglu, A., Celik, H., Gedik, K., Mulder, M. D., Lammel, G., … & Kurt-Karakus, P. B. (2021). Selected Persistent Organic Pollutants in Ambient Air in Turkey: Regional Sources and Controlling Factors. Environmental Science & Technology .
  • Goren, A. Y., Yucel, A., Sofuoglu, S. C., & Sofuoglu, A. (2021). Phytoremediation of olive mill wastewater with Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash and Cyperus alternifolius LEnvironmental Technology & Innovation24, 102071.
  • Basalp, D., Tihminlioglu, F., Sofuoglu, S. C., Inal, F., & Sofuoglu, A. (2020). Utilization of municipal plastic and wood waste in industrial manufacturing of wood plastic composites. Waste and Biomass Valorization11(10), 5419-5430.
  • Ayri, I., Genisoglu, M., Gaygisiz, H., Sofuoglu, A., & Sofuoglu, S. C. (2020). Bleach-containing automatic toilet-bowl cleaners as sources of VOCs, associated indoor air concentrations and carcinogenic riskAtmospheric Pollution Research11(12), 2251-2258.
  • Balci, E., Genisoglu, M., Sofuoglu, S. C., & Sofuoglu, A. (2020). Indoor air partitioning of Synthetic Musk Compounds: Gas, particulate matter, house dust, and window film. Science of The Total Environment729, 138798.