Technical Elective Course List of the Spring Semester Has Been Released

The list of technical elective courses offered in the 2023-2024 spring semester for Environmental Engineering undergraduate students:


Course Name Instructor
ENV-450 Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Engineers (2+2)3 Prof.Dr. Orhan Gündüz
ENV-454(3+0)3 Anaerobic Treatment Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alper Bayrakdar
ENV-491 Supplementary Curriculum Course (3+0)3* Prof. Dr. Sait Cemil Sofuoğlu
ENV-499 Cooperative Education Course (3+0)3* Assist. Prof. Dr. Hale Demirtepe
CHE-336 Pollution Prevention (3+0)3 Prof. Dr. Aysun Sofuoğlu
ENV-505 Microalgal Biotechnology (3+0)3 Assist. Prof. Dr. Altan Özkan
ENV-510 Remediation of Contaminated Sites (3+0)3 Assist. Prof. Dr. Hale Demirtepe

* Note that students cannot enroll ENV-491 and ENV-499 at the same time.